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Tell us about patient safety

ThinkstockPhotos-467579823.jpgWe do remarkable work and save lives every day. We improve patients’ health and wellbeing, and create a positive experience. However, sometimes patients are harmed while they are in our care. Preventable events like falls, medication mix-ups, or even deaths are realities in healthcare settings across the country, and our system isn’t immune to these issues. 
March 11 marks the kick off to National Patient Safety Awareness Week, designed to increase awareness about patient safety among health professionals and the public. EMHS will celebrate with engaging activities, compelling stories from our coworkers, and more. It’s all to encourage you to identify safety issues and speak up to prevent harm.
To that end, EMHS’ member organizations will soon launch an anonymous Culture of Patient Safety Survey to hospital and medical office employees March 26 through April 20. The survey will help us understand our safety culture, or our attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and values we share in relation to safety. Your insights and guidance are important to our success.
Thanks to your feedback last year, we implemented a number of initiatives systemwide.
  • Implemented safety huddles at shift change to identify patient safety concerns and high risk patients—the inpatient bedside shift reports include the patient and family.
  • Implemented leadership rounding on units to work with frontline staff to identify and discuss patient safety concerns collaboratively.
  • Completed a thorough review of the patient admission process.
  • Provided increased staff education for fall and pressure injury prevention.
  • Developed a hardwired process for patient handoff between hospital or the Emergency Department and primary care to reduce readmissions, and improve communication and collaboration.
After a safety event, we retrace our steps and often find that it was our processes or systems that failed—the blame doesn’t fall on one person. Your participation in the survey will help to raise awareness about patient safety and encourage open conversations about what is going well and areas we can improve upon. We want to encourage understanding about the current culture of safety at EMHS and look closely at trends we see over time to determine if patient safety initiatives and interventions have worked.
Thank you for the work that you do every day to keep our patients safe and we look forward to your input on this year’s Culture of Patient Safety Survey!
To learn more about patient safety initiatives at EMHS, visit our website at
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