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Enough is enough

Before-and-After.jpgBrenda was tired of being tired. She thought back to healthier days when she and her husband had energy and felt the world was full of possibility. But now, the extra weight was taking a toll. It was about this time last year when Brenda Volz, EMHS corporate accountant, heard her husband Don say, “Enough is enough.”

In February of 2017, Brenda walked into the Beacon Health’s Weight Solutions Class at the EMHS Home Office—one of many across the system—to figure out the next step. “My husband and I had been following a more healthy way of eating, but we needed more guidance.” 

Side-Column.pngLooking back on her starting weight, Brenda saw the long road ahead. “My top weight was 260 pounds! I am only 5 foot and 1 inch tall, so that’s a lot of weight for my short frame. My husband’s top weight was 303! We knew we had to change something or we wouldn’t be able to do the things we really wanted to do.”

Fast forward a year and Brenda has lost 75 pounds—Don is down 59. The Beacon Health Weight Solution classes taught Brenda how to make healthier choices and to creatively plan meals so there was plenty of variety. “Lynn DeGrenier, wellness coordinator, is upbeat and supportive. Her classes are packed full of stuff that is helpful.” In a matter of months both Brenda and her husband were down 20 pounds each.

“I started to notice a difference in my energy level and my ability to walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator every day—I used to get winded after just a half a flight. I can now climb three and a half flights before I get winded. I can even jog up a few flights and feel good about myself! I started ‘shrinking’ out of my clothes, and I am proud to say I can now shop in the Misses department. What a feeling of accomplishment.”

Brenda and Don are still working towards their goal weight—she’s halfway there. Most importantly, eating healthy and exercise is a regular part of their life now. They’ll be the first to tell you it wasn’t easy but they are so thankful they stuck with it. “A healthier life opens up a whole new world of possibilities.”

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